Friday, August 18, 2006

Bomb Threat On British Plane

WAVE 3 TV is reporting:

A bomb threat written on an air sickness bag led the pilot of a British plane to make an emergency landing in Italy.  

Excel Airways, which caters to vacationers, says the note read, "There's a bomb on this aircraft." With an Italian fighter jet as an escort, the plane touched down in the southern city of Brindisi, where the 269 passengers and nine crew members were led out safely. Authorities were searching the jet.  

The plane had left London's Gatwick Airport, which is under heightened security because of the plot to bomb U.S.-bound flights.  

It was heading to a resort city in Egypt, and airline officials expect it will resume the trip later.

There is no proof yet that there was a bomb or that the threat was terror related. We'll post updates as the story develops.

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