Tuesday, August 15, 2006

British Detain another Terror Suspect

An update on the UK terror plot stories, reports The conservative Voice:

Police detained a new suspect Tuesday in the alleged plot to blow up jetliners over the Atlantic, the first arrest since authorities detained two dozen people last week and threw Britain's airports into turmoil by imposing tougher security.    

The announcement came after police said they raided two Internet cafes near the homes of some suspects and a news report said officers may have found a rifle and a pistol in a search of woodlands in the same area...

London's Metropolitan police said the latest suspect was detained around noon in the Thames Valley area just west of London. They offered no more details, including the person's gender or identity.    

"A suspect has been arrested in connection with the investigation and is in custody in the Thames Valley area," a spokeswoman said , speaking on condition of anonymity to comply with department rules.    

The developments came after several days of near silence from British officials, who had announced Thursday that they foiled the planned terror attack by arresting 24 people around the country. Police have released little information since then.    

Authorities will have to provide at least some details of their evidence when a judge holds a closed-door hearing Wednesday to decide whether to extend detention for 23 suspects. One suspect was released without charge Friday.

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