Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dutch Flight Grounded, 12 Passengers Arrested [Update]

It appears that an incident in which a Dutch flight made an emergency landing with an escort of fighter jets and 12 passengers were arrested after acting suspiciously was not terror related. Reports Reuters:

Dutch authorities will release all 12 passengers arrested on a U.S. Northwest Airlines plane bound for India on Wednesday after concluding they were not planning an attack, prosecutors said on Thursday.

"From the statements of suspects and witnesses, no evidence could be brought forward that these men were about to commit an act of violence," a prosecution statement said, adding police had searched for explosives on the plane but found none.

Prosecutors told a news conference the crew had raised the alarm after the men handed each other mobile phones and laptops during the flight and refused to follow their instructions.    

"It does not appear to be terror-related," Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner told journalists in The Hague earlier.

I guess they weren't terrorists, just jerks who didn't know how to follow the rules.

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