Thursday, August 31, 2006

Man Gets 62 Years For Beating Wife's Face In With A Skillet

Another example of how well our criminal justice system works, from Fox News:

A man said he was "dreadfully sorry" for beating his wife to death with a skillet, but a judge said the apology came too late and sentenced him to 62 years in prison.

Well, he apologized for beating his wife's face in, so he doesn't get the death penalty or even life. That wouldn't be fair!            

Judge Stephen Heimann told Albert Boyd during a sentencing hearing Wednesday in Bartholomew Circuit Court that his apology was "too little, too late."         

Boyd already had served time for attacking a woman with a butcher knife and had dropped out of psychological counseling that might have helped him control his anger before he killed his wife, Ruth Boyd, in their Columbus apartment on Jan. 31, Heimann said.

Another reason not to elect/appoint sissy liberal judges. If a conservative had handled this guy's case you can bet he wouldn't have been put in "psychological counseling"  to help him "control his anger." He would have been thrown in jail after attacking a woman with a butcher knife, which - wait, this can't be right - would have stopped him from killing anyone. Funny how that works!

"It was a violent crime against an intimate person, which also helps buttress the fact that there is a risk you will commit another crime," the judge said.         

Boyd served a seven-year prison sentence in Ohio for stabbing a woman in the neck and severing her ear with a 14-inch butcher knife, Heimann said. He been out of prison four years when he beat his wife in the face with an aluminum skillet so violently the pan was bent and the handle broke off.

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