Friday, August 11, 2006

Olmert Gives Orders To Expand Ground Operations In Lebanon

Olmert has given orders to expand ground operations in Lebanon. Reports

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said late Friday that the expanded incursion into Lebanon would continue "for the time being," despite agreeing to a cease-fire resolution drafted by the United Nations Security Council.

Senior Israel Defense Forces officers said that the IDF is "continuing forward at full power," and that all forces slated to take part in the expanded incursion have already assumed forward positions in the field...

A government source in Jerusalem said the IDF received instructions to proceed with the operation after officials viewed an updated version of the draft resolution Friday, which included several points from which Lebanon backtracked, one day after agreeing to them as spelled out in Thursday's draft.

The source said that Israel agreed to a 48-hour lull in order to exhaust diplomatic efforts, it became clear that progress towards a cease-fire was not as significant as thought Thursday.

So Lebanon decides not to follow the UN resolution they signed and made ridiculous requests, making a cease-fire improbable, and yet the media will no doubt be painting Israel as an aggressor ignoring the UN to blow up civilians. Isn't that how it always works with the UN and the mainstream media? That's why it's best to just ignore them both.

The story continues:

A cease-fire deal being worked out by the Security Council fails to meet Israel's basic requirements , such as stationing robust international combat troops in southern Lebanon once Israel withdraws, Shariv said.

"Yesterday we were very optimistic, but they (the Security Council) took the wrong turn ," Shariv said.

Why should the UN do anything to benefit Israel? They hate Israel. The UN's job is to prevent war throughout the world but they've become such a joke that the bad guys ignore them and they punish the good guys with a strategy of appeasement.

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