Friday, August 11, 2006

Two Ohio Men Held On Terror Charges [Update]

An update on our earlier post, "Two Ohio Men Held On Terror Charges." has info on further charges for the two young, Muslim, Arab men:

A second charged was added for the two Dearborn men who were arrested in Ohio and charged money laundering to support terrorism. Thursday, prosecutors charged 20-year-old Ali Houssaiky and 20-year-old Osma Sabhi Abulhassan with soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism. Police said the men initially lied, but then under interrogation admitted to buying 600 untraceable cell phones. Authorities are concerned that if shipped to the Middle East, the chips from the phones may be used to remotely detonate car bombs.

And I guess this news is supposed to calm us, their excuse why they had information on domestic flights:

According to Ali's brother, Mohamad Houssaiky, the car the two men were in belongs to Ali's mother who works for Aircraft Service International Group at Metro Airport and the paper work reportedly belonged to her. She was training so she had to do a training list with the bookings and checkings for passengers , he said.

So two men who have been charged with laundering money and funneling it to terrorists, had maps of Wall Marts in three states, and were buying up cell phones by the hundreds (possibly the thousands) to send to the Middle East as components for bombs have a relative who works at the airport? Anyone see the problem here?

Political correctness has created an atmosphere where an airport would hire a Muslim without doing any investigating into their possible ties to what are apparently "radical" Muslims (I guess a "moderate" Muslim is one who believes infidels should be beheaded, but wouldn't do it themselves).

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