Monday, September 04, 2006

Iran Facing "Last Chance" On Nuclear Freeze

We have another pointless story today about Iran - pointless in that they're all the same, Iran is talking with some supposed World authority about suspending its nuclear program, and this is there last chance. However, this story does have one point of note, reports Fox News:

The European Union's foreign policy chief and Iran's senior nuclear negotiator tentatively agreed to meet Wednesday in a last-ditch attempt to bridge differences over Tehran's atomic program, U.N. and European officials said.              

With the Vienna meeting seen as the last chance for Iran to avoid sanctions, U.N. Secretary- General Kofi Annan threw his weight behind a negotiated solution, saying Monday that confrontation with the Security Council "will not be in Iran's favor or that of the region."

So this is their last chance, eh? Not that sanctions will do anything, but at this point I'd be surprised to actually see the UN impose sanctions. Let's see if this is really their "last chance."

Not that the talks look very promising, since the West wants Iran to freeze its uranium enrichment process, and Iran believes Allah wants them to make and use nukes.

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