Saturday, September 23, 2006

Media Hypocrisy

A story from Yahoo News today (Hat tip: LGF) titled "Lasting quiet returns to south Lebanon" states that:

Hezbollah fighters have vanished in south Lebanon, melting back into the population. Whether peace holds will depend on how they put up with the newest players in their longtime stronghold: the Lebanese army and a beefed-up U.N. peacekeeping force.

is story struck me as a stark contrast to yesterdays ABS-CBN sto ry "Hezbollah chief says still has 20,000 rockets" which, to the contrary of the new story said:

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday his Lebanese guerrillas still had more than 20,000 rockets after their month-long war with Israel and no army in the world could disarm them.  

Speaking to a sea of followers at a "divine victory" rally in south Beirut, Nasrallah said the Shi'ite Muslim group had emerged stronger from the conflict and also called for a new government in Lebanon. 

"The resistance today, pay attention...has more than 20,000 rockets," he told hundreds of thousands of cheering supporters in his first public appearance since the war broke out in July.

"(It) has recovered all its organizational and military is stronger than it was before July 12," Nasrallah told the crowd in the Shi'ite Muslim suburbs which were heavily bombed in the 34-day war. 

"There is no army in the world that can (force us) to drop our weapons from our hands, from our grip," he declared.

So, according to the Yahoo story peace will only hold if Hezbollah can put up with the UN and the Lebanese? How about if Israel can put up with these gloating terrorists who are in no way following the cease-fire?

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