Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Small Plane Hits NY Building, No Indication Of Terrorism

Apparently a small aircraft has crashed into a high-rise in New York in what appears to have been a tragic accident. Some witnesses reported it appeared to be in an "acrobatic maneuver." On Hannity they're saying that two people have been confirmed dead, and there are no indications that this was terrorism related.

Here's a photo:

***Update, 5:02pm***

Drudge is reporting that NY Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was piloting the plane and is dead. Via Wikipedia, Cory Lidle with a Cirrus SR20 airplane:

Yahoo is reporting that stocks took a dive on the news of a possible terrorist attack after hitting record highs for several days in a row.

A sad story, but thank God it's not a terrorist action.

***Update, 5:23pm***

The death count is apparently at four, probably counting Lidle. It's not officialy confirmed that he was on the plane, but an anonymous law enforcement agent has confirmed it.

***Update, 11:58pm***

Yahoo is reporting onyl two dead. Sports Center says it was Lidle and his flight teacher.

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