Monday, October 02, 2006

Some Thoughts On Mark Foley

You know, with this whole Mark Foley thing I feel it necessary to point a few things out:

First of all, Mark Foley may be a Republican, but he's not much of a conservative. The ACU gives him a life-long rating of 76, and a 63 this year. He is pro-abortion, anti-free trade, and notes that he "helped secure the first-ever financial commitment from Congress for the preservation of Florida's Everglades."

Second, conservatives have condemned and disowned him. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, when Democratic Rep. William Jefferson was found to be dirty, Democrats clung to and defended him. We admit our mistakes and get rid of dirty members, they don't (well, I guess if they did there wouldn't be a whole lot of them left).

Third, as Ann Althouse notes: "
So it seems in the run-up to the election we won't have to talk about Iraq and terrorism and detainees anymore. Let's talk about sex."

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