Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Al Qaeda-Linked Militant" Dead

Filipino terrorist and Al Qaeda stooge is dead:

MANILA, Philippines — A top Al Qaeda-linked militant accused of masterminding the kidnapping of three Americans who was long wanted by U.S. and Philippine authorities has been killed, the military said Wednesday.

Jainal Antel Sali Jr., popularly known as Abu Sulaiman -- a top leader of the Abu Sayyaf rebel group -- was fatally shot in a fierce gunbattle Tuesday in a clash with army special forces, military chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon said.

Sulaiman is the highest-ranking Abu Sayyaf commander killed by U.S.-backed troops. Washington had offered up to $5 million for his capture.

"We have resolved that this group and their major commanders must be finished off, that this notorious group should see its end," Esperon told a news conference.

Sulaiman allegedly helped plot a February 2004 bombing that triggered a ferry fire, killing 116 people in Southeast Asia's second-worst terror attack.

He also was accused of masterminding the kidnapping of three Americans and Filipino tourists from the southeastern island of Palawan in 2001.

Hat tip to Jawa for this story, where he comments:

That’s very good news! We should spread some of that five mil reward around the unit that risked thier [sic] lives to put and end to this terrorist.
Amen. (and sorry I sic-ed you.)

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