Thursday, January 25, 2007

AP Caught Again - Maybe

LGF has caught the AP red handed again, selling a story that very well have been a lie:

Yesterday LGF noted the Associated Press report on the crash of a US security contractors’ helicopter in Iraq. According to the AP, four of the five Blackwater employees killed were “shot execution style in the back of the head.”

Today I received an email from an unnamed person in Baghdad with knowledge of the incident:

Do not believe what you see in the media. Four agents and numerous BW personnel saw the remains, and there was NO INDICATION the four BW guys in the crashed helo were executed on the ground. We are awaiting the official autopsy from the States, but a visual inspection gave no indication of “shots to the back of the head”. This rumor of “shots to the back of the head” was leaked by someone in the government and was based on a false initial report.

The rest of LGF's post is here. There are other indications that the AP was wrong, be sure to check in with LGF for updates.