Friday, January 19, 2007

"Certain Agreement" May Lead to Certain Doom

Apparently the "U.S. end[ed] 3 days of talks with N.Korea in Berlin" recently (I guess I was out of the loop on N. Korea), and (from another story):

North Korea said on Friday that it had reached a "certain agreement" with the United States in talks earlier this week in Berlin, praising the rare direct dialogue between the two bitter foes.
Hopefully this isn't the type of "agreement" reached under the Clinton administration (Official press release from Madeline Albright: "It's settled, the US and N. Korea have agreed that Michael Jordan is awesome. We'll deal with NK's nuclear weapons later, but for now, we'll settle on giving them a ton of money, with their solemn word that they won't use it to develop said nuclear weapons.")

That said, I decided to read the second paragraph of the story - which I usually avoid in Reuters articles:
But neither side in Berlin suggested there had been any breakthrough on the communist state's nuclear weapons program.
Then what the Hell were they talking about?

But [US envoy, Christopher] Hill, arriving in South Korea to brief officials in Seoul, appeared puzzled by the reference to a deal.

"I'm sorry, I'm not really sure what [N. Korean envoy, Kim Kye-gwan is] referring to," Hill told reporters, but added: "We had very useful discussions."

Sure you did. And people say nuclear weapons blowing up America in 24 was unrealistic. With "diplomacy" like this, I'd say we're screwed.
[Hill] said the next step would be incorporating the Berlin talks into the recently revived six-country negotiations. These aim to end impoverished North Korea's nuclear weapons program in exchange for financial support and security guarantees.
"Security guarantees"? From what, their own psychopathic leader. I can see this ending with us giving even more money to the "dog eating, pot-bellied dictator" (as Rush calls him) and making some Kennedy-Castro-esque deal that will screw us out of being able to overthrow Kim. In return, N. Korea will spend our own money on even more weapons that they will one day use to kill us.