Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dershowitz to Rebut Carter In Event

Dhimmi Carter still refuses to debate anyone about his book (I suppose that the arguments in the book are just too airtight to subject them to ridiculous, Zionist criticisms), but without debating, we get the next-best thing:

WASHINGTON — Former President Jimmy Carter won't go unchallenged after his appearance next week at Brandeis University, where he is lecturing on his latest book about what he terms the Palestinian apartheid by Israel.

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz will step on stage afterward to rebut the former president's remarks despite having been booted from an earlier booking to debate Carter on his assertions.

“I think the inaccuracies of Carter’s points have to be pointed out. Carter said he wrote the book in order to stimulate a debate, but he won’t debate. I’m debating him whether he’s there or not,” Dershowitz told

“If his chair is empty, then that’s his decision,” he said.

Dershowitz joins a growing pool of critics, including a longtime Carter aide, Jewish groups and academics who allege inaccuracies and distorted history in Carter's best-selling book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” The book has sold about 70,000 copies.

Carter recently accepted an invitation to speak on Tuesday at the nonsectarian Jewish-sponsored college near Boston after having cancelled an earlier invitation. He will talk for about 15 minutes and then take questions from the audience for 45 minutes.

Let's hope Carter doesn't back out of this one too. It's shocking to me that there's anyone who can't see through Carter's shallow arguments - especially when even he knows he's wrong and can't defend his insane position.