Monday, January 22, 2007

Illegal Moron Wants Deportation Rather Than Jail Time For Sexual Assault

Another case of illegal alien crime: "Illegal Immigrant Charged With Sex Assault Asks to be Deported to Avoid Punishment." This ass actually had the audacity to ask to be deported?

Not many illegal immigrants ask to be deported. But Jose Vallejo of Mexico did, rather than face a potential prison term of 30 years for sex assault here in the United States.
I say we hang the moron from a lamp post. Granted, it would cost a lot to jail him, but that's what the bastard can expect for coming to our country illegally and committing sexual assault. Here's the story's description of the crime for which this criminal wants no punishment:
Prosecutors in Illinois say Vallejo, who is now a 17-year-old Mexican national, pinned his four-year-old female victim down on a bed then molested her on April 12, 2006. Even though Vallejo was only 16 at the time of the alleged crime, he is being charged as an adult because of the age of the victim. He faces three counts, including aggravated criminal sexual assault, one count of unlawful restraint.
Note - Rutheford: He probably wants to be deported so he can sneek right back in.