Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Islamic Facism in Britains Mainstream Mosques

An expose on Islam in Britain. I'm watching these right now, but from all the broo-ha-ha on the blogs about them being awesome, I'm confident in posting them:

[Ultramontane, 01/22/07: Banned from YouTube, scroll down for newer versions]

*** Update - 5:31 pm ***

I just finished watching the videos. They're a good portrayal of "moderate Islam," in showing that it doesn't really exist, but it's almost sickening listening to what some of these Muslim preachers are saying, especially the last preacher in part three.

***Update, 01/22/07, 4:18pm***

Ultramontane: I had to re-gather the videos (thanks to LGF for linking to them), since the copies posted earlier have apparently been banned from the PC, Muslim-fearing, left-wing, "video-sharing" site, YouTube:

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