Monday, January 22, 2007

Jimmy Carter - The Anti-Semite

You know, when Jimmy Carter constantly defends Palestinian terrorists as an oppressed people and calls the Israelis terrorists for whatever they do, I didn't want to label him an anti-Semite. I thought that may be a case of an idiot liberal who honestly thought that Palestinians were the victim, because he was to ignorant to understand the situation.

When Jimmy Carter asked the US Justice Department to "show special consideration" toward a man who was "proven to have murdered Jews in the Mauthausen death camp in Austria," I didn't think that was enough to call him an anti-Semite either. It could just be another case of a bleeding-heart liberal feeling the need to protect all the scum on the earth. Tooky-syndrome, if you will.

But when the evidence keeps piling up, it makes you wonder if the former president doesn't have some - at least deep-seeded - hatred for the Jewish people. In this video clip, Carter refers to the Holocaust as the "so-called Holocaust":

Once again, on it's own, I wouldn't say this new evidence is enough to label Carter an anti-Semite; it could just be a case of a liberal slipping into PC speech that he felt may offend Muslims, such as Ahmadinejad. But when you look at the big picture, it's hard to rule out the fact that Jimmy Carter may very well hate Jews.

*** Update - 7:30 pm ***

It just occurred to me that in regard to Carter's defense of Palestine, the fact that he absolutely refuses to debate anyone on the subject shows that he doesn't feel his arguments can stand up to scrutiny and therefore you could easily argue that his defense of those barbaric terrorists is malicious, and not just ignorant.

And finally - that last piece of evidence that Carter is anti-Semitic:

German critics and historians have lambasted Guenter Grass, saying the Nobel prize-winning author "lost his standing as a moral authority" after revealing that he once belonged to Hitler's Waffen SS.
Isn't Jimmy Carter a Nobel prize winner as well? (and yes, that last "evidence" is a Michael Moore-style, Bush-is-connected-to-Osama argument, meant as a joke.)