Friday, January 19, 2007

Journalist Shot Dead In Turkey, Victim Of Islamofascism

A "Turkish-Armenian" journalist has been shot death in Istanbul, apparently at the hands of "nationalist activists" for speaking out against the killing of Armenians at the hands of the Ottomans.

I guarantee that this journalist was a victim of Islamofascists, angry at his speaking out against Turkey and the Ottoman Empire.

Wikipedia's entry on the journalist, Hrant Dink, lists his qualities, which certainly seem to go against Islam:

Prominent and active in various democratic platforms and civil society organizations, Hrant Dink emphasized the need for democratization in Turkey and focused on the issues of free speech, minority rights, civic rights and issues pertaining to the Armenian community in Turkey. He was a very important peace activist.
Not to mention their assertion that "The Armenians have, at times, constituted a Christian "island" in a mostly Muslim region."

***Update, 4:53pm***

A Reuters report had this to add:
Muharrem Gozutok, a restaurant owner near the newspaper, said the assailant looked about 20, wore jeans and a cap and shouted "I shot the non-Muslim" as he left the scene.
***Update, 01/21/07, 6:44pm***

Hrant's killer has been caught, and more evidence has surfaced that his murder was at the hands of Islamofascists. Read our update here.