Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Olbermann Goes Off on 24

Kieth Olbermann is off his rocker again. Is anyone surprised? What's his newest target for being too conservative? 24! Olbermann, having obviously never watched the show, decries it as "a program length commercial for one political party," and needless to say, he doesn't mean the Democrats.

Olbermann starts out his screed on 24 by playing a clip from the "first 30 seconds" of season six, in which the news is telling us about Muslims blowing up America (preposterous!), the clip ends with people starring down and glaring at an Arab with a backpack. Coincidentally, the clip ends right before the Arab is not let on to a bus due to his nationality, and the bus is then blown up by a not-very-Arab-looking guy anyway, showing us that the racial insensitivity was unfounded (and probably leaving some viewers to say those bigots on the bus got what they deserved.)

Throughout the entire rant Olbermann forgets to mention the almost noxious amount of PC, "not all Muslims are" bad crap that the first four episodes of the series were loaded with. He says that Fox, that ever-evil propaganda machine for the Bush Administration, is using fear mongering to promote Bush's view of an America plagued by terrorism if the Democrats are ever elected.

Never mind that in the show we are just out of a Republican administration (from which the President is being convicted for helping terrorists in order to promote America's "interests," i.e. securing foreign oil by starting a war) and that the Republican is no doubt to blame for the spot we're in; never mind that the new President is heroically portrayed as a great guy, and is the brother of another former President who was practically portrayed as a saint in the show - both Democrats, and never mind that Jack is trying to stop a small group of Muslim terrorists with the help of another Muslim who promotes the interests of far more Muslims in his desire for peace with the West.

I could go on, but dedicating this much time to Olbermann is a waste of your bandwidth.

Did I mention there's a video here? It's not YouTube, so I don't know how to embed it here.

*** Update - Jan 18, 5:16 pm ***

Now the videos up on YouTube. Warning: contains footage of Kieth Olbermann talking. Ugh.

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