Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Terror Free Gas - Socialist, Maybe

Coming out of Omaha:

Group Plans 'Terror Free' Gas Station in Omaha

The Terror-Free Oil Initiative is planning to open the nation's first "terror free" gas station in Omaha.

The Florida-based group claims U.S. dollars used to purchase gas made from Middle East oil funds terrorism. It urges Americans to only buy oil products that originate from countries that do not support terrorism.

The Terror-Free Oil station in west Omaha will sell gas from oil companies that do not do business in the Middle East. Signs calling for the use of non-Middle Eastern oil were up at the station today.

Spokesman Joe Kaufman says the station will open Feb. 1, with a grand opening scheduled for Feb. 12.

Other Terror-Free Oil stations are planned.

Not a terrible idea, but are they still selling Venezuelan oil? And Russian? And are any of the liquors or tobbaco products inside French? Someone look into that.

***Update - 5:43 pm ***

Jawa did some digging, i.e. clicked two links on their site, and found that Citgo is on their banned list. Good

***Update - Jan. 25, 3:03 pm ***

We seem to be getting quite a few hits to this post, so I'm adding a video of the CNN report on the terror-free gas staion: