Thursday, January 25, 2007

Uranium Bust In Georgia

Wow. This is disconcerting:

The Georgian government says its security services have foiled an attempt by a Russian smuggler to sell weapons-grade uranium on the black market.

Georgia's Interior Ministry says the man was arrested as he tried to sell a few ounces of the highly enriched uranium for $1 million to a Georgian agent posing as a member of a radical Islamist group.

The material had been refined to the level that could be used, in larger quantities, in a nuclear weapon. The smuggler told the agent the uranium was just a sample, and that he had access to up to 10 pounds of the material.

I have a few questions. Have they verified if he was telling the truth about having more Uranium, and if so, have they gotten the rest? Also, just how much Uranium do you need to make a nuclear bomb?

Anyway, great job Georgia. Disaster was avoided last time because of luck, but now you're stepping it up. Nice.