Sunday, January 21, 2007

'We Wanted A [President] Who Doesn't Know What Can't Be Done!'

This over optimistic, crotch-licking article on Obama reminded me of a Dilbert comic I read once. Here's the ridiculous article quote:

Mr Obama’s weakness is as obvious as his talents—his lack of political experience, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. It is true that he is older than John Kennedy was when he became president (45 versus 43). But Kennedy had a much thicker CV—a war record, six years in the House, eight years in the Senate—as well as a reputation as a cold-war warrior. Mr Obama has two relatively undistinguished years in the Senate.

His supporters are touting this inexperience as a positive-a guarantee that their man is not mired in the old politics of division and interest groups.
Here's the Dilbert cartoon:
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"...we wanted a [President] who doesn't know what can't be done!" These people are unreal... Honestly.