Friday, February 23, 2007

ANSWER Counter-Protest To Protect Memorial

An interesting story via the Political Pitbull:

On March 17, ANSWER, a liberal group, plans an anti-war protest at the Vietnam Wall Memorial. Seeing how peaceful they were at the Capitol, spray painting and damaging part of the building, some citizens are gathering, to protect the war memorial. They're calling it "The Gathering of Eagles", and they will be standing guard at the Vietnam Memorial, March 17.

Age of Hooper attended the press conference, at the National Press Club. Most of the "Eagles" are war veterans, who will be wearing arm bands to identify each other, and they have set up a website for the event. The attendance is expected to be in the thousands. If you can make it, even if you're not a veteran, by all means, please do attend.

This is a great idea on behalf of the "Eagles," but I wonder if it may only provoke some of the ANSWER nuts to desecrate the memorial as a sort of, in-your-face type move.