Thursday, February 15, 2007

BBC To Tear Apart "Truthers"

The 9/11 "Truthers" are starting to sweat the BBC documentary on their movement that will be airing this weekend, presumptively labeling it a "sophisticated hit piece." All of this translates to the fact that it's going to be good, enjoyable and educated TV.

This weekend's highly anticipated BBC documentary on the 9/11 truth movement is likely to be a sophisticated hit piece, according to those who were interviewed for the program and others wary of the motives behind the creators of the show.

The BBC are extensively promoting the show via commercials during peak time viewing and yesterday featured a reasonably balanced summary of the 9/11 truth movement on their website. A preview clip and an extended clip showing Alex Jones and Jim Marrs at Dealy Plaza were also released yesterday. Seemingly fair promotional material shouldn't suck anyone in to believing anything else than the fact that this is most probably going to be a severe attack on 9/11 truth.

I'll be on the road this weekend, so I hope it ends up on Youtube.