Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Burka - Not Just For Opressing Women!

Gee. Other than the fact that its a symbol of Islam's misogynistic oppression, there's no other good reason to ban burkas, are there?

This is the moment one of the 21/7 suspects fled London dressed as a woman in a burka.

A jury was today shown CCTV footage of 26-year-old Yassin Omar covered from head to toe - with a handbag draped over his left arm.

[Update, 7:06 pm Video:]

At 6ft 2in, Omar stood out in the crowded street as he was filmed walking along the pavement towards Golders Green Bus station. Commuters can be seen turning round to watch him as he passes.

It was 22 July, 2005, the day after he and five others are accused of trying to cause carnage with rucksack bombs on London's transport system two weeks after the 7/7 attacks. A series of different cameras followed his movements across a busy road and into the station to catch a National Express coach to Birmingham at 6.21pm.

Today the trial judge at Woolwich crown court, Mr Justice Fulford, asked Omar's barrister Peter Carter: "Is it accepted it is your client?' Mr Carter replied: "Yes."

Prosecutor Max Hill told jurors: "The handbag is over the left arm of Mr Omar. On walking over the crossing toward the coach stop, Omar appears to stop at the coach stop.

"A National Express coach pulls up, passengers embark, the bus moves off just after 6.20pm departing for Digbeth coach station in Birmingham." CCTV again picks up Omar arriving at Digbeth at 9.15pm.

He waits at the station for a Nissan Sunny to arrive at about 9.57pm and leaves with others at around 10.10pm.

Just wait until his terrorist buddies find out he's a cross-dresser. I hear that kind of thing's a no-go with those people.