Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Carlos Mencia Plagiarizes Worse Than Biden

I have always hated Carlos Mencia, mostly because I don't find him funny. Apparently he steals all of his jokes, though, so we can blame those other comedians. But anyway, here's a video of him getting his ass handed to him by Joe Rogan, by the way, the language in this video is horrendous:

I think my favorite revelation in this video is that Carlos isn't Mexican. He's half Honduran and half German and his original name is Ned Arnel Holness. What a phony.

*** Update, 5:30 pm Feb. 16 ***

Let's add hypocrite to the long list of labels for Carlos Mencia. You may have notice that that video no longer works. that would be because:

the video on YouTube that Rogan originally pointed to from his blog has been taken down following a DMCA request from... Carlos Mencia. The video is still available elsewhere and Rogan is offering up various mirrors for downloads -- so it will likely keep appearing. However, it does seem ironic that Mencia is claiming copyright violations to takedown a video that pretty clearly shows him using other's material. It's difficult to see how Mencia has a DMCA claim at all. The video material was mostly taken by Rogan's associates -- so he holds the copyright to it. The short clips he used from other sources to prove his point are pretty clearly fair use. Either way, it seems pretty ridiculous to claim copyright infringement on a video revealing evidence that you used someone else's material without credit.
Here's another one. I'll try to keep them up here: