Friday, February 09, 2007

Chavez Starving Venezuela

Well, Hugo's crazy socialism is starting to starve his people. Remember seeing people in the good ol' USSR waiting in line for 5 hours for the possibility of a scrap of food? Yeah, that's what socialism does, and that's where Venezuela is heading.

Reports the AP, "Meat, Sugar Scarce in Venezuela Stores:"

Meat cuts vanished from Venezuelan supermarkets this week, leaving only unsavory bits like chicken feet, while costly artificial sweeteners have increasingly replaced sugar, and many staples sell far above government-fixed prices.

President Hugo Chavez's administration blames the food supply problems on unscrupulous speculators, but industry officials say government price controls that strangle profits are responsible.
Photo caption: "A supermarket worker explains to a customer that their meat section is out of beef and chicken in Caracas..."