Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Girl Has No Right To Full-Face Veil In Class

Score one for civilized society in Britain:

A 12-year-old schoolgirl has failed in an attempted legal challenge to her school's ban on a full-face veil.

Mr Justice Silber had been told that the girl's three older sisters had attended the same school and had worn the niqab with no problems.

But the school, in Buckinghamshire, had told the girl it was not acceptable because teachers believed it would make communication and learning difficult.

The judge has now rejected her lawyers' arguments for a judicial review.

They said after the judgment that the family were "bitterly disappointed".

They are considering making an appeal, but would have to make a separate application for this as the judge refused them permission to do so.

For legal reasons the girl and the school have not been identified publicly.
Gee. I don't see how completely covering your face and body could be an impediment to learning and proper communication between student and teacher, do you?