Thursday, February 22, 2007

House Of Bottled Human Waste

Umm ... gross:

A Long Island woman found living in squalor with her three children was under investigation Thursday after a neighbor made a call to the children's father last week, worried about the children's well-being. That's because inside the home police were stunned to find hundreds of bottles of urine, feces, soiled clothes, a dead cat, piles of garbage and used toilet tissue scattered everywhere.

It was the same scene of filth that greeted 42-year-old Raymond Young Jr., the children's estranged father, who is now fighting for custody of his three daughters that he says he hasn't seen in six years.

"Urine in bottles, no plumbing, no toilet," Young told CBS 2. "There was just feces all over, [it's the] most horrible situation you could ever imagine.

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