Thursday, February 08, 2007

Iran Threatens West, Big Surprise

Iran has warned they will "hit back" if the US attacks them. First of all, duh.

Second, what do you think the media wants us to do with regards to Iran? As always, they're Left wing, anti-war, wackos who want us to ignore a rouge regime bent on destroying the West and Israel. Why else would they publish pieces like "Iran warns will hit back at US if attacked." We all know Iran will retaliate if we attack them, the goal is to attack before they have nuclear weapons.

Third, what do they mean they'll "hit back?" Iran already sponsors terrorism across the globe that has attacked and killed Americans! They've already hit us. Are they going to hit us even more if we attack? Maybe we should hit back. They've killed Americans; time was that was enough to get your nation wiped off the map.