Friday, February 16, 2007


The House passed their little non-binding resolution condemning the Troop Surge, you know, the one that's been working. Anyway, there aren't any articles on that story worth posting, but I thought you might want to know the names of the 17 Republicans that crossed the isle to vote for the resolution:

Reps Mike Castle of Delaware, Howard Coble of North Carolina, Tom Davis of Virginia, John J. Duncan Jr. of Tennessee, Phil English of Pennsylvania, Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland, Bob Inglis of South Carolina; Timothy V. Johnson of Illinois, Walter B. Jones Jr. of North Carolina, Ric Keller, Fla.; Mark Kirk of Illinois, Steven C. LaTourette of Ohio, Ron Paul of Texas, Tom Petri of Wisconsin; Jim Ramstad of Minnesota, Fred Upton of Michigan, and Jim Walsh of New York.
Fred is my congressman. I'm pissed. Someone's getting a very angry letter.

You should also know the 2 Democrats who voted against the resolution, "Reps. Jim Marshall of Georgia and Gene Taylor of Mississippi."