Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Salt Lake Shooter Muslim

Hat tip to LGF for finding confirmation that the Bosnian who went into a mall in Salt Lake City and killed 5 people in cold blood was indeed a Muslim:

Police said Talovic had a juvenile record of only four minor offenses. None of his arrests were for violent crimes.

The man had lived at a house with his mother and three younger sisters near the Utah State Fairpark. Neither his mother nor his sisters would answer the door or respond to phone calls Tuesday, although a person inside would pick up the phone and then quickly hang up.

Ajka Omerovic, who said she was Talovic’s aunt, visited the home Tuesday afternoon. She told the Deseret Morning News that Talovic had been “a good boy.” She said the family are Muslims from Bosnia who had lived in the vicinity of Sarajevo.

Some argue that his religion isn't important to this story, but if that were true we wouldn't have all wondered in the first place whether he was Muslim or not. It is undeniable that Islam lends itself well to violence.