Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Skydiver Falls 2 Miles, Lands On A Bush, And Survives

This guy's a bad ass:

A skydiver who survived a fall of 12,000 feet thanks to the thorny branches of a blackberry bush has released dramatic footage from his helmet camera, capturing his rapid descent towards earth as he plummeted helplessly to what seemed like certain death...

As he tumbles towards the ground at 80 mph, the skydiver is seen checking the altitude reading on his left wrist as he struggles to turn onto his back to try to spot the problem and correct it. In the final seconds of his fall, Holmes waves at the camera and yells “bye” before the image of his shadow growing larger beneath him fills the screen and the picture suddenly goes black.

A low moan is then heard as he tries to breathe with one lung punctured by ribs snapped on impact. The camera of fellow parachutist, Jonathan King, then comes into play, showing King pushing his way through the blackberry thicket toward Holmes as he calls frantically: “Talk to me, man. You Ok?”

“No,” comes the response.... Friends ask if I was scared but really I was just angry that I’d done everything exactly as I should and it hadn’t worked,” he said in an interview. “I was very focused on what I was doing and I remember everything. Nothing’s a blur."

Peggy Hill did that once, only her chute didn't even open.

I'm trying to get the video, but those sissies at Youtube took it down due to copy right infringement, or some crap.

***Update, 5:01pm***

Here's the video of skydiver Michael Holmes falling 2 miles and landing on a bush, via The Mail.