Monday, March 12, 2007

'300' Is 2007's Number One Blockbuster!

The awesome movie, 300, has become 2007's number one blockbuster, earning $70 million in its opening weekend.

I saw the movie opening night, and it rocked. And a conservative political message? If anything, it had a liberal message. I mean, the movie's opening line is something like, "When the boy was born, like all Spartans, he was examined. Had he been weak, misshapen, or small he would have been discarded."

Here's the preview, including the liberal line I just poorly quoted (warning for nudity, violence, and men in speedos):

Bonus: Jawa has this ridiculous review of the movie, showing the Left's paranoia:

What's your favourite movie?

Someday soon, you may ask a new acquaintance that question, and just maybe -- because it takes all kinds -- your new friend will reply, "My favourite movie is 300."

If this happens, back away slowly. Your new friend probably kills cats for fun. Worse -- your new friend may be George W. Bush. Director Zack Snyder's new dramatization of the epic Spartan stand at Thermopylae will probably go down real well at the White House, and wherever disturbed young people massacre hundreds in violent video games. Others should exercise discretion.
. . .

As a tribute to a particular world view, 300 could play on a double bill with Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will.

And no doubt it will be screened at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Bush will certainly relish a film in which King Leonidas tries, and fails, to get authorization from Sparta's governing council for an attack against the forces of Persia, a.k.a. modern-day Iran. Leonidas goes ahead anyway. History calls him a hero. So much for congressional funding.

There's even evidence that the film consciously grasps at this clash-of-civilizations message. "Today we will rid the world of mysticism and tyranny," shouts a Greek soldier, leading a charge against the Persians moments after we have seen an image of dead Spartans in Christ-like poses.

No mention of the fact that if Leonidas hadn't gone against the council and defended Sparta, they'd all be slaves to the Persians.