Monday, March 05, 2007

Cheney Treated For Blood Clot [Update, With Lovely Comments From The Left!]

Say a prayer for our Vice President:

Vice President Dick Cheney is being treated for a blood clot in his lower left leg that may have developed as a result of an extended trip aboard Air Force Two that took him around the world.

The clot was discovered today when Cheney went for an examination after experiencing ``mild discomfort'' in his left leg, his spokeswoman, Lea Anne McBride, said.

``In light of his recent prolonged air travel, he visited his doctor's office this afternoon,'' McBride said.

An ultrasound at George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates revealed a deep venous thrombosis, or a blood clot. He will be treated with blood thinning medication for several months, McBride said. Cheney has returned to the White House to resume his schedule, she said.

Cheney, 66, returned last week from a trip that covered about 25,000 miles over about 65 hours with stops in Japan, Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The condition Cheney suffered can occur during long flights when movement is limited.

Heart patients are at particular risk for developing blood clots after plane rides for 10 hours or longer, according to the American Heart Association. Cheney had four heart attacks before he became vice president.

The story notes that "Deep-vein thrombosis can be deadly," but says nothing about specific risks to Cheney's health.

Man, this guy is literally working himself to death. And here I have trouble getting up by 2 to be at work...

***Update, 5:01pm***

By the way, with all their talk of civility, expect the moonbats to say nothing awful about this. They'd never say something like this, for instance:

Cheney Has Blood Clot in Leg; mean-spiritedness should dissolve it

Or, this would be something they'd never say:

I am sure Halliburton's Walter Reed will do a good job taking care of him!

And this, well, they'd definitely never say this:

He deserves to be put to death for his war crimes.

Oh, but wait! All of those are actual comments I found on Digg from our leftwing friends. This is exactly why I ignore liberals when they complain about Coulter kind of, sort of calling a flamboyant Senator a "faggot."

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