Saturday, March 17, 2007

CNN Called Clinton's Mass Attorney Firings A 'Clean Sweep'

News Busters has dug up a CNN report on Clinton's mass attorney firings, in which they show just how balanced their coverage is: April 12, 1993 CNN special report where reporter Ken Bode called it a “one-day clean sweep.” Reno declared: “I have asked for their resignations at the request of the President…It’s important that we build a team that reflects our desire to have a Justice Department marked by excellence, marked by diversity, marked by professionalism, and integrity. I want teamwork where we’re both interested in achieving justice throughout America.”
It just so happens that in order to build diversity, Clinton had to fire every single hold-over attorney from a Republican President. The media ignores this story, Clinton firing every single Republican attorney at once (all 93 of them), but talks of how GW's firing 8 random attorneys calls for an investigation "all the way to the top?"

Here's the video from News Busters: