Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizebeth Edward's Cancer Is Back

Looks like Elizabeth Edward's cancer is out of remission. I can't believe he's going on with the campaign, I don't think I'd be able to. But then, that's what they've devoted their lives to, so I can see her not wanting it all thrown out because of her cancer.

I think we all saw this coming with yesterdays news that they'd be having a press conference today after John Edwards flew home to go to the doctor with her for her check-up. My prayers go out to the Edwards and all other people suffering this horrible disease.

I feel shallow making a political point with this one, but how much would you be willing to bet that, as usual, the conservatives are actually concerned for Elizabeth Edward's life and that liberals have probably said some disgusting things about the recent passing of conservative columnist Cathy Seipp at the hands of lung cancer (she never smoked a day in her life, by the way)?

The Diggbats didn't even break from their practice of burying things from LGF for an obituary for Cathy. The stories that did slip through had sarcastic comments like this one:

Yes, remebering [sic] the gallant Cathy Seipp. What I remeber [sic] best is how gallant she was. That is what I remeber [sic].
There was this lovely comment on Kos from April, so I guess it's alright because she only had cancer, she hadn't died yet:
I'll reserve my sympathy for people more deserving of it, thanks
And right below it, this comment about Cathy's struggle with her insurance company:
but I never forget that it is people who share her beliefs that helped bring this fate down on her and all of our heads. If it weren't for the Republicans and the invisible hand true believers, we might all have universal health coverage by now.
Now, I was surprised at how many comments on these libs sites weren't horrific (not many, but still, any is better than they usually do), but most still made my stomach turn.

Now, here are a few from those vile conservatives over at Hot Air:
To Sen. Edwards: sincerest best wishes for your wife’s health.
Best wishes to the Edwards family and to Elizabeth for a full recovery. Say what you want about the man as a politician, but his priorities are well in order on this one.
Pray for them.
This is the closest any of those evil right-wingers got to stepping out of line:
I hope it’s not the cancer, but I can’t feel too bad about Edwards dropping out. It was hard to take him seriously.

However, I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone.

And he's just knocking Edwards while wishing his wife the best.

Anyway, my prayers go out to Elizabeth. They also go out to these moonbats; clearly, something is wrong with their heads...