Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hannity Doesn't Understand Church Teachings

Apparently Hannity doesn't understand Catholic teachings. This makes me sad; I always new that he wasn't the greatest thinker, that his show was a feel good talk show (as opposed to Limbaugh, who has substance). Here's Hannity arguing with a Catholic priest about birth control:

Assuming you know anything about Catholic theology, you know Hannity is way off. The priest might have pointed that out had Hannity let him get a word in.

Hannity keeps spouting Scripture like some bible-thumping Protestant. Apparently he doesn't realize the Church has been given the ability to interpret Scripture to help Catholics lead a more moral life. The old Testament tells us that God is against birth control; he actually kills Onan for "pulling out" early. As a Catholic figure, Hannity shouldn't be acting like a man of the Faith while at the same time going against Church teaching. No one said being a Catholic was easy.

Hannity shows his misunderstanding of the issue when he says the Church allows birth control, doesn't it father, referring to natural family planning, the process of following a woman's ovulation cycle and having sex at times when pregnancy is least likely. This isn't birth control! This is embracing part of God's nature and limiting the chances of pregnancy! Birth control is having no self control and having sex whenever you want to, "consequence" free, by using artificial methods.

Hannity needs some more theology lessons. Just because he disagrees with, or doesn't understand, Church teachings doesn't make them wrong. It makes him a flawed human (which we all are) who either needs to study theology further to come to terms with these issues, or pick a new religion that lets him create his own dogma, something he apparently thinks he's entitled to do now.

Hat tip to Hot Air for the video.

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