Thursday, April 19, 2007

Impeach Pelosi? Why Not...

I just got an email about how Pelosi could be convicted of a felony for her little visit to Syria under the Logan Act and was gonna post on it, but in doing some research, it appears Hot Air beat me to the punch, you know, 13 days ago when the story was still relevant.

Don't blame me, I think I was taking a blogging break back then...

Anyway, here's the text of the email:

Pelosi arguably committed a FELONY when she traveled to Syria and whispered behind closed doors with Bashar al-Assad, Syria's terrorist-loving leader.
First, the U.S. Constitution implicitly gives the President the authority to conduct foreign policy.

In order to make that responsibility explicit, in 17[99] President John Adams initiated the Logan Act, which forbids any American -- "without authority of the United States" -- to communicate with a foreign government with the intent of influencing that government's actions in any "disputes or controversies with the United States."

VIOLATION OF THE LOGAN ACT IS A FELONY! Upon conviction, an offender can be sentenced to prison for up to three years. If she was just a regular person like you, Nancy Pelosi would be a prime candidate for a prison cell.

Why should Speaker Pelosi, third in the line of Presidential succession, get away with blatantly undermining U.S. Foreign policy by meeting with the leader of a country that supports terrorism? Why aren't our conservative leaders calling for a full investigation of her actions, or censure or even impeachment?
Allah seems to think it's a long shot, and he's probably right. In some 200+ years, no one's been prosecuted. But this might be a good card to keep up our sleeves in case those power-drunk, trigger-happy Dems try and impeach Bush (as they so want to do) or Cheney (which they're now threatening). And it all has even more importance with Madame Speaker planning a similar trip to Iran.