Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Group Of Arab Men Purchases Large Quantities Of Cell Phones

Reports KVOA News 4:

Law enforcement sources confirm to News 4 that Tucson Police have issued an "attempt to locate" on two Middle Eastern men in their 20's who purchased nearly 50 phones from Sam's Club and Wal-Mart in Tucson. ..

Arrests have been made in Michigan and Ohio and there are reports of large numbers of cell phones being sold to young men fitting the same description in Wisconsin.  

There was a very similar case that went down in Antigo, Wisconsin where police say another group of men bought more than 90 cell phones from 4 different stores.  

News 4 spoke with a Wal-mart and Sam's Club representative and he would not confirm nor deny that these men did in fact buy those phones.  

Instead, he referred us to the police and we spoke with the Pima Sheriff's Department and the Marana and Oro Valley police departments.  

Tucson law enforcement authorities confirmed late Sunday night that officers are searching for these two men.

Is this some kind of epidemic we're having? It seems like this is happening a lot lately, or maybe we're just now noticing it.

We have these men, the first group of Dearborn men arrested in Ohio, and the Texas men arrested in Michigan.

The KVOA story also mentions an occurrence in Antigo, Wisconsin, which appears it could possibly connected to the Texas men, who had possibly planned to attack the Mackinac bridge. I'll update if any more information comes regarding the Wisconsin incident.

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