Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fox News Poll: Israel, Iraq, And Cuba

Fox reports on some new polls:

Over half of Americans (54 percent) think Israel has done the right thing in fighting Hezbollah - more than twice as many as disagree (26 percent). As is the case on so many issues these days, there are huge partisan differences here as 72 percent of Republicans think Israel has done the right thing, while 44 percent of Democrats think so...

Americans think the United States should support Israel in the current conflict (52 percent) , though nearly a third thinks the country should support both sides evenly or neither side. Again, clear partisan differences are evident as Republicans (70 percent) are much more likely to think the United States should support Israel than are Democrats (45 percent) and independents (39 percent).         

Overall, nearly half think the United States has done the right thing in the conflict (47 percent); Republicans (72 percent) are more than twice as likely as Democrats (35 percent) to think so...

Similarly, views are sharply divided on whether the United States should let Israel do what it needs to do (47 percent) or try to broker a cease-fire (44 percent)...

More than eight out of 10 voters say the situation in Iraq will be "very" important to their vote for Congress this fall. So what do people want the United States to do?

80% of Americans! Now that will affect the elections in a big way.

Views are mixed and divide fairly evenly between three main options: just over a quarter thinks U.S. troops should pull out of Iraq by year end (27 percent), and almost a third thinks troops should pull out gradually over the next year (31 percent), while another third thinks the U.S. should wait to leave until Iraqis are capable of taking over (33 percent). Hardly any (4 percent) think the United States should send more troops to Iraq.        

A huge majority of Democrats (76 percent) supports pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq either by the end of this year or over the next year. Among Republicans, a 57 percent majority supports troops staying until after Iraqis are able to take control of the situation...

Almost all Americans have a negative view of Castro: 5 percent have a favorable opinion of him and 78 percent unfavorable.

Go to the story to see all the poll results, I just kind of picked and chose the good ones.

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