Monday, September 25, 2006

Canadian Border Guards Flee From Armed Suspect

Maybe now Canada will consider arming its border guards, you know, so they can do their jobs. Fox reports:

Four Canadian border crossings were shut down Sunday as about 60 of Canada's unarmed border guards walked off the job after they were warned that a person classified as "armed and dangerous" may be headed into Canada.          

The walkouts — permitted when the guards perceive threats to their personal safety — began mid-afternoon and stalled northbound border traffic for hours.       

Canada's national CTV News said the walkout was triggered by a report from Homeland Security officials in the U.S. who told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that a suspected killer from California, considered armed and dangerous, might try to enter Canada.       

Willie Hicks, branch chief for trade operations on the U.S. side, said the Canadians told him only that they'd been alerted that such a person may be en route.

I don't blame them.

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