Monday, September 18, 2006

'Jihad' Vowed Over Pope's Comments

Reports (Hat tip: LGF):

An Iraqi militant group led by al Qaeda vowed a war against the "worshippers of the cross" in response to a recent speech by Pope Benedict on Islam that sparked anger across the Muslim world.

"We tell the worshipper of the cross (the Pope) that you and the West will be defeated, as is the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya," said an Internet statement by the Mujahideen Shura Council, an umbrella group led by Iraq's branch of al Qaeda.

"We shall break the cross and spill the wine. ... God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome. ... God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen ," said the statement.

Just to clarify for the Islamist who wrote this statement (or those who agree with it) - Catholics do not worship the cross, we worship the man who died on the cross, Jesus. But even if we did worship the cross, wouldn't that be better than worshipping the sword, as these Islamists clearly do?

Christians believe in peace, love, and one day being with God. Islamists believe in war, money, blood, and one day being with 50 virgins in "Heaven." What a shollow concept of Heaven. That aspect of the religion alone disgusts me, not to mention all of the blood lust.

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