Monday, September 18, 2006

Media Bias On Pope's Comments

What media bias? The Telegraph has a story today, the title of which hints that it might be slightly biased, " Pope says sorry, but has he really apologised?"

The Pope said he was "deeply sorry" yesterday for the reaction to comments he had made about Islam as he attempted to ease tensions after a weekend in which churches were set on fire.

"I am deeply sorry for the reactions in some countries to a few passages of my address at the University of Regensberg, which were considered offensive to the sensibility of Muslims," said Pope Benedict XVI in his Angelus address. He said that his comments were "a quotation from a medieval text, which do not in any way express my personal thought".

So the Pope quotes someone who rightly said the Mohammed offered nothing new but the idea of spreading religion by violence, and then says he is "deeply sorry," and the media questions whether he really apologized. I think "I am deeply sorry" qualifies as an apology. Clinton can have sex in the Oval Office and get away without apologizing, but the Pope can't critique another religion?

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