Friday, September 22, 2006

Media Reports Pro-Hezbollah Rally After Ignoring Pro-Israel Rally

I didn't bother to report that the Main Stream Media was completely ignoring the huge pro-Israel rally that included 35,000 people ( LGF) but today I saw this headline, "Thousands Attend Hezbollah Rally in Beirut," and figured I'd comment. The hypocrisy here is obscene! How can the media completely ignore a pro-Israel rally on US soil, but happily report a pro-Hezbollah rally in the Middle East? It's sick! Their goal is to make it clear to all Americans that no one supports that tyrant Israel while those heroic Minute Men, Hezbollah, enjoy the support of a majority of the world's population. I'm not fooled, I hope you're not fooled, and I'm sure most American (who aren't nearly as stupid as liberals think they are) won't be fooled, either.

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