Friday, September 29, 2006

US Cuts Greenhouse Gasses, But Not Enough!

Yahoo reports that the US is on track with its "greenhouse goals," but that we shouldn't be happy (I'm not) because our goals are "too easy." Apparently:

Washington is sticking to goals for curbing greenhouse gases under a yardstick shunned by most of its allies as too easy.

Can't liberals even be happy when what they want to happen happens? No, they're like greedy little children; you give them what they want and they just want more. This is why when dealing with liberals, I like to consider the "if you give a mouse a cookie rule."

The story even quoted an ignorant liberal, Vicki Arroyo:

"I don't think that the number 1 greenhouse gas emitter and richest economy in the world is setting the example needed -- it's not enough," she said.

I guess she doesn't realize that one of the reasons we're the richest economy in the world is because we don't subscribe to such ridiculous and demagogic "environmental" standards. We could set a "good example," or we could remain the richest economy in the world. Unfortunately, liberals would rather the first option.

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