Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gay Man Attacked Out of Love

NY Times Headline: Police Arrest Man in Possible Hate Crime in N.Y.

One man has been arrested and three others are being questioned by detectives investigating the attack on a Brooklyn interior designer who was lured to a desolate meeting place on Sunday night, robbed and forced onto the Belt Parkway, where he was stuck by a car and critically injured.        

The attack on the victim, Michael J. Sandy, is being investigated as a hate crime, law enforcement officials said today. Investigators believe the assailants singled Mr. Sandy out because he is gay, and arranged over the Internet to meet him at a place often used for assignations between gay men.

This is not to be confused with when four men conspire to rob, kidnap and strike with a vehicle a straight man which is known as a "love crime" or "crime of love."

Look: no one (sane) disputes that it was wrong what these men did to Mr. Sandy - but aren't we over discrimination in our legal system yet? Why should gay men be worth more in a legal sense then straight men?

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