Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Iraq Body Count

I just did a post in which I referenced Iraq Body Count and pointed out that their figure for "civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq" is at roughly 48,700. My point in referencing this was to point out the absurdity of the new Lancet report that has the figure of civilians killed as high as 650,000.

So anyway, I've been looking over Iraq Body Count and am appalled to find that what they define as "civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq" covers every single person killed as a result of a violent act in Iraq. In other word they count "Policeman by suicide bomber, Tal Afar" and "One by car bomb, Hurriya, Baghdad" and "Policeman shot dead in Amel, Baghdad." In other words, they're counting people killed by the terrorists!

Whether or not this is a lying is debatable, but this is a clear attempt at spreading disinformation, associating all of the people killed by terrorists with the "military intervention in Iraq" is clearly intended to mean those that the military has killed. These people make me sick.

Meanwhile, the count has yet to even come close to Saddam's more than one million killed in his wars with Iran and his more than 300,000 civilians murdered and God knows how many more killed when he attacked Kuwait and Israel and funded suicide bombers.

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