Monday, January 22, 2007

Australian Airlines Censor Hero Who Spoke Truth To Power

Headline: Australian kicked off flight for anti-Bush T-shirt

Well. That's pretty clear. Airlines are censoring him because they're pro-Bush conservatives. But for the ten percent of those who read past the headline:

An airline passenger barred from a flight for wearing a T-shirt labeling President Bush a terrorist has threatened legal action against Australia’s flag carrier Qantas.

Allen Jasson [sic], 55, an Australian IT expert who lives in Britain, was stopped from boarding a London-bound Qantas flight at Melbourne Airport last Friday for wearing what the airline said was an offensive T-shirt.

Airline staff said the T-shirt of Bush with the tagline “World’s number 1 terrorist” could have upset other passengers and demanded it be changed for another.

This is just another case of a liberal intentionally trying to antagonize people with his clothing that "spoke truth to power," as evidence by the last paragraph of the article:
But Jasson, who had earlier traveled on a Qantas domestic flight wearing the Bush T-shirt, said his right to freedom of speech had been infringed by Qantas.
People don't want to sit in a plane and be reminded of terrorism, and also know there's some douche that will help out any would-be terrorists if the plane gets taken over. It may have also been an effort to protect the traveler - the airline knowing that some patriots may kick his ass.