Monday, January 22, 2007

Ignoring the Good

Here's headlines, repeated frequently throughout my Google news feed:

Baghdad Market Bombing Kills at Least 67

Twin car bombs kill 75 in Baghdad market

Twin car bombs kill 88 in Baghdad market

Bombs Kill at Least 100 in Iraq

Twin Bombing Kills Scores at Packed Market in Baghdad
You'd think the media would try to get there numbers straight (they eventually settled with "scores"), but regardless, this is tragic news out of Baghdad - something we're all used to thanks to our media.

Meanwhile, in my entire news feed this article was only mentioned once:
U.S. says killed 93 Qaeda-linked fighters in Iraq
More evidence - as if it's necesarry - that the media is biased. I'm not saying they shouldn't report the bombing in Baghdad - they should. I'm saying that it undermines the war effort when they drone on in on about the negative and almost completely ignore positive aspects of the war.
And don't give me that BS liberal blow-off, "eh, if it bleeds it leads. What're you gonna do?" because 93 al-Qaeda fighters are dead as compared to a comparable number (scores) in Baghdad.